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About BioDigital Therapeutics

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Our Story

We are BioDigital Therapeutics, Inc.  - a  cadre of physicians, scientists, and BioHackers that shared a vision of merging digital technologies with modern scientific breakthroughs in natural bio-isolates to develop and provide natural drug-free therapeutic technologies.


Today, after years of R & D and patient testing, BioDigital Therapeutics brings algorithmic organic technology systems to the private and government sectors for increased executive function capabilities, stress management, creativity, athleticism, and elevating the spirit of joy and celebration amongst our treasured collegial and familial relationships.

For us, it's Personal

After years of suffering from undiagnosed health conditions, Allied Health practitioner and Bio-Hacker, Michael D. Kaczkowski, was on a mission to create therapeutic bio-media systems to bring biological balance to our bodies and our tech-compressed, toxic environments - ultimately finding the solutions to his own wellness needs . On a parallel path, Dr. Brian Nichol, an anesthesiologist by training, saw the damages of substance abuse with his patients and endeavored to find plant-based, natural solutions for pain and stress management. Together, along with their colleagues, they combined their research and honed their focus.


Today, BioDigital Therapeutics creates natural, drug-free alternatives for wellness, stress management and executive performance, helping hundreds of individuals attain their goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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